Padded Vinyl Tops

American Made, padded vinyl table tops (For use with a tablecloth/linen). Thicknesses: 1-1/4″, Square to round FLIP tops available. Available Sizes: 24x24, 24x30, 24x36, 36x36 36x42 and 36x48


Edge Options:   Square

Standard Top Sizes
24x42, 24x48, 24x60, 24x72, 30x30, 30x36, 30x42, 30x48, 30x60, 30x72, 30x96, 36x60, 36x72, 36x96, 42x42, 48x48

Flip Table Tops
30 Square Expandable to 42 Round; 34 Square Expandable to 48 Round; 36 Square Expandable to 51 Round; 42 Square Expandable to 60 Round

Custom shapes and sizes available upon request.

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