Cushions & Upholstered Wall Panels

There are situations where a full booth or banquette is not practical or required. Upholstered Niches, stadium seating areas, windowsills to name but a few. Also, many millworkers provide their own banquette framing and are only in need of the upholstered portions. This is especially true when the banquette is integral to the surrounding Millwork.

Upholstered wall and ceiling panels are another situation where expert upholstery is necessary.

We offer a full range of cushions in any shape, size and quantity.


Cushion type SCES

Description:  SCES - Sewn end profile. Most Popular.

Cushion type SCSP

Description:  SCSP - Sewn top profile.

Cushion type SCCS

Description:  SCCS - Sewn corners.

Cushion type SCWP

Description:  SCWP - Sewn top profile with welting.


In most cases, the best result is achieved by providing an internal sub panel with foam and dacron padding. These provide a semi-permanent installation with either Velcro or “Z” clip attachment.

“Loose”. Reversible cushions are also available.

Cushions are offered in any size, shape and thickness desired. There are several “typical” sewing options shown but there are endless possibilities that we can accommodate.

Upholstered Wall Panels

Cash Wrap or Bar Front

Seat and Back Cushion with Rounded End

Stadium Seating and Back Cushions

Rectangle Seating and Back Cushions

PLEASE NOTE: Styles shown are examples of commonly used cushion styles.

There are many options stitching options, decorative buttons, contrasting threads etc. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for. Please ask.