About Us


The History

We are commercial furniture makers of banquettes, tables, chairs and bar stools. From floor plan to installation, we provide the technical expertise found only in a company with 50 years experience building nothing but contract furniture. Our company is proud to be a part of the revitalization of American Manufacturing.

Diversity Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) - New York City/State

Built for Commerical

Our furniture is specifically built for heavy commercial use. Banquettes are constructed to withstand punishing use. Ideal for offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and clubs. Designed for public spaces and not private ones.

Custom Made Pieces

We make banquettes to your specifi­cations. Every section is carefully crafted for each order not pulled off the shelf. So you get the features you want, where you want them. Seat joints are between tables not like your typical manufac­turer's pre-fabricated section ends.

Pre-Measured Design

We build to your unique conditions by taking measurements, rendering shop drawings, laying out to full size from templates and take complete responsibility for the successful installation of the job. We guarantee it!

Use Solid Hardwood

One piece back supports from top to floor so they remain absolutely rigid during years of constant extreme use. Solid hardwood frames are triple doweled for added strength and not plywood or pine which tends to loosen or crack when subjected to heavy commercial use.

Ease of Maintenance

Our seats can be removed easily (and locked-in) for cleaning. No tools required and there is no loose shifting of cushions or velcro tabs. Many years from now the high wear component can be easily reupholstered independent of the backs.

Aesthetic Appeal

We can modify or produce completely custom styles to meet your requirements. All frames are made of solid hardwoods with state of the art environmentally friendly finishes, foams and upholstery options.